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Author Topic: New Nuclear Pipeline-Needing Feedback  (Read 7543 times)

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New Nuclear Pipeline-Needing Feedback
« on: May 15, 2004, 09:32 »
Hey ya'll
I'm a 23 year old graduate of Austin College that is currently in Insurance.  I've got a Business Administration degree but am very close to signing for the Nuclear Pipeline.  I've been recruited for OCS for both the Navy-Navigator-for fighter planes-and the Army-Infantry-  But my heat is in doing something that I want such as this.  I'm more than willing to pass on the Officer to go Enlisted in this program only.  My main questions are-Can anyone tell me a decent time frame or percentage of getting to be an Officer through this program?  I want to be a Nuclear Officer-not any other kind.  So I'm willing to go enlisted full throttle and give it my all-not just for the officer potential b/c I have that in other areas-but b/c that is where my heart is.  What kind of potential would I have as a physical fit, college graduate 2.7 G.P.A.-that plans on busting his hump the entire time of school and for the time I'm in.  I would have gone to the Academy-but I got a Baseball scholarship and opted to take it-Now that part of my life is over.  And I'm back to serving my country-bettering myself-and making the most of this outstanding looking oppurtunity.  Both of my recruiters are graduates of this program-but they don't know of guys that made it to Officer this way.  Can you help my with the chances of this happening-I know that chance isn't a word that I should use b/c I plan on taking myself to the next level-but it is the right word in this case.  Feel free to call me 903-758-6239-or email me if you would like to give me some feedback other than this post.  Thank you, and God bless.  I know that it depends on how well you do in school-what leadership potential you show-and I'm just curious on if I do these will it happen?
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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2004, 10:30 »
I should let an officer answer this, but I'm not sure who's available on these boards.

If you're already being recruited for OCS, you can enter the nuclear field that way. I'm not sure how competative you would be with your GPA, but it can't hurt to try.

There are three different nuclear options, and they are apples, oranges, and pears.

The enlisted Nuclear Field program trains technicians to operate, maintain, and repair the electrical, electronic, and mechanical aspects of a submarine or aircraft carrier power plant.
Since you already have a degree, your only practical choice for commissioning once enlisted is OCS. Your performance in Nuclear Power school should offset your low college GPA and prove that you have technical aptitude. Nuclear officers are expected to not only lead, but to understand in complete detail(of both operation and theory) the power plants that they oversee.

The submarine nuclear officer program trains junior officers for submarine duty. All submarine officers are nuclear trained. After spending a year at Nuclear Power School and a nuclear prototype(similar to the last 2/3 of the enlisted pipeline) and officer submarine school, you would work in engineering on a submarine for one sea tour, and be in charge of other departments on subsequent tours. You will have needed to take at least two semesters of calculus and two semesters of calculus-based physics to be eligible.
(If you don't qualify, you could go to OCS as an unrestricted line officer and try to do a lateral transfer once you have create a good military record)

The SWO(Surface Warfare Officer) nuclear program will send you to a ship(destroyer, cruiser, etc.) after commissioning. After a successful time at sea, you will undergo the same training as the submarine officers, and be assigned to the engineering department of an aircraft carrier.

You really need to talk to a nuclear officer recruiter. Tell him what you want, and he should be able to help you get there. We always need nuclear trained officers. Ask to speak with current nuclear officers who have been to sea and back. If you consider the enlisted route, speak to enlisted sailors. Better yet, try to get your recruiter to put you in touch with a nuclear officer who started as an enlisted man. There are also many former or retired enlisted nuclear trained sailors on these boards.


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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2004, 11:54 »
Let me jump in here.

I have some experience with a lot of enlisted sailors who could have been officers. Nuke Power is great but man, giving up the chance to be commissioned so you can enlist is a pretty big mistake.

Officer's Quality of life is so much higher than a junior enlisted guy. If you really want to be a nuke officer, here is what you need to do. You don't qualify now because of your GPA and I doubt you took 2 semesters of calc and calc based physics.

A. Take those courses and get A's in them to increase your GPA as close to a 3.0 as you can and then apply to OCS again.

B. Apply to OCS and become a surface warfare officer. If you do that and then get those ccourses you needout of the way, you can convert to be a nuke at 2 years as an officer, which is the same time you would be going to nuke school as a SWO nuke anyway.

Make sure you talk to an officer recruiter vice a regular enlisted recruiter. They are different and each has their own agenda.


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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2004, 12:44 »
So-from what the second response is saying----I can go in as an officer-which they told me I could competively apply for in Navigation-then if I chose to do so after two years put in a request to get into the Nuke program? 
One thing for sure is-that from what they are saying a 3.0 isn't competive for the Nuke Officer Commissioning with no experience.  I'll talk to them again and try and find an officer that went in enlisted.  The quality of life would be better I'm sure-but, I'd pass on the big signing bonus-12K for 6 years-and the college loans being paid off-and getting to start in the direction I want to work in.  I agree that it would be a mistake to pass on an officer position-thanks.


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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2004, 07:38 »
Thanks for the responses.  They truly are being headed and appreciated.
They seem to contrast each other-one saying it's very hard to get it-and the other saying that people less than desirable have achieved this.  I understand though-just b/c someone got it-doesn't mean the deserved, anyone wanted to see them get it, or that they did anything extraordinary.  But, that is just how life is.  My recruiter has been leaning me towards applying for officer in the areas of Pilot-Navigator-and Supply.  I won't apply for supply.  And Pilot specifically says the degree must be a Bach. of Science-and I have a Bach. of Arts.  But, I'm not against being a navigator.  I'd like to get pilot-but wouldn't put my eggs in that basket.  I hate my day job-insurance-I got my butt chewed by a boss today for less than deserving reasons-and driving home-found myself realizing I had thanked him for it.  That kind of stuff is weighing heavily on me-and I'm looking at all forces-and all options.  I think the Military life

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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2004, 11:35 »
Hello- I would probably ask myself if I would be satisfied being an enlisted nuke. You can try to get into the officer program, but it is a bit of a crap shoot.

One of my best friends flunked out of the nuke program only to graduate from the Naval Academy. On the flipside, out of my whole class (300?) I believe about 3 were selected for the officer program.

Do you really want to be a nuke officer? Look at the things that would increase your odds. Solid performance and perfect appearance at NPS would be strong. You may try doing direct, but with that GPA I would assume it is unlikely.

On the plus side, I did 6 years as a RO and it was the most formulative experience of my life. Afterwards, College GPA and Career Success have been off the charts. I give all the thanks to the strong push the nuclear program gave me. Prior to that I was a 2.6 High School wanderer.

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Re: New Nuclear Pipeling-Needing Feedback
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2004, 04:36 »
I have heard people describe Nuclear Navy  success as a "Marathon".

I am reminded of a more appropriate analogy.
The modern pentathlon consists of competition in five events in one gruelling day. Competitors earn points for their performances in each of the five disciplines: shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and cross-country running.

You see, the challenges are great on many different sides. Military bearing is much different than in-rate level of knowledge which is different from cross-rate knowledge which has some impact on integrated plant knowledge but doesn't tell the whole story.

Besides, the pentathlon is a prestigious competition, and worth reading about for its own sake. ;)
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