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NRRPT Exam Prep Course in Colorado - June honeypot

Author Topic: NRRPT Exam Prep Course in Colorado - June  (Read 3304 times)

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NRRPT Exam Prep Course in Colorado - June
« on: May 28, 2008, 01:40 »
I work with Dr. Tom Johnson (a well-known trainer from the Baltimore/DC area) who moved to Colorado a couple of years ago. We've been working on test prep courses, and we have an NRRPT exam review course coming June 16-20 in Fort Collins, CO. I joined this forum at Dr. Johnson's suggestion to get the word out on this course.

Our NRRPT exam review course will be taught by Mike Davidson of Chesapeake Nuclear. It's a five-day course designed to prepare qualified candidates to pass the NRRPT examination. This course introduces and reviews the "required knowledges" tested by the NRRPT. Knowledge areas include:  Fundamentals, Detection and Measurements and Applied Radiation Protection.  Mike Davidson is the author and primary instructor of NRRPT Exam Review, a course that has been maintained and implemented since 1989 throughout the allied radioactive materials and nuclear industries. Over one-third of the population of over 6,000 successfully Registered Radiation Protection Technologists have attended his courses.

The course content is based upon the Role Delineation constructed by the NRRPT Panel of Examiners in 1987 and reissued by the NRRPT Board of Directors in 1991. This course helps prepare you for the examination; it is not the actual exam. This NRRPT Exam Review course gives participants a means to identify areas for improvement within the NRRPT "required knowledges." It's your responsibility to prepare for the examination.

Each participant will receive a Course Manual, Chart of the Nuclides (Nuclides and Isotopes), sample examinations to measure individual performance, and note cards. Participants should bring note-taking materials and a scientific calculator to each session. It is strongly recommended that the calculator used during the course be the same as that used on the actual examination.

There's more information at the website: http://www.learn.colostate.edu/courses/EDLL/EDLL2004.dot

That's it for now - we are just trying to get the word out, especially to the western US where these courses are hard to find.
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