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Mission Statement
« on: May 28, 2003, 06:44 »
April 18th, 1999, Michael D. Rennhack conceived what would soon become the world's #1 nuclear site on the internet, His vision was simple: enhance nuclear workers lives.   That dream has become a powerful reality, with NukeWorker’s mission to bring employers and nuclear workers together.  This mission is accomplished with NukeWorker’s values: honesty, respect, and excellence.

NukeWorker – the Unquestioned, Clear Market Leader

NukeWorker delivers thousands more nuclear job seekers than any other online career site. Not only do employers recognize NukeWorker as the leading online nuclear recruitment site, but 92% of nuclear job seekers recognize NukeWorker as the brand leader – making it their number one nuclear career site destination.  Over 68% of nuclear workers surveyed stated that they visit exclusively, resulting in loyal, unique traffic that is not harnessed on any other site.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

NukeWorker ranks #1 on Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN search engines. A search for ‘nuclear jobs’ proves this fact. This has made NukeWorker the most visited nuclear site on the Internet, with more than 6.5 million page views and 500,000 quality visitors* each month, a 70% increase over the competition. Those visits are long-lasting, meaning nuclear job seekers are spending more time on NukeWorker looking at employers' job postings.

The labor market for nuclear professionals has tightened to historically unprecedented levels. Even in the tightest of job markets, NukeWorker can help employers improve their nuclear recruiting efforts. This is accomplished by driving a high volume of quality nuclear traffic to the site - and to posted jobs. More than 72% of candidates are currently employed. NukeWorker provides access to harder-to-find, passive candidates.
    * Quality visit is defined as spending 10 min. or more on a site.

With the World's Largest Nuclear Candidate Pool, NukeWorker is the Employers Hiring Solution.

NukeWorker is in the people business, matching qualified candidates with mutually beneficial opportunities. Employers and nuclear workers alike place their trust in NukeWorker to accomplish this task. The competition cannot make this claim.  NukeWorker is the clear leader in online nuclear employment with the nation’s largest, continually expanding database of nuclear resumes, growing by more than 300 new resumes every month. These resumes range from the project manager looking for a new challenge to the entry-level technician just stepping into the workforce, from the experienced outage worker in need of seasonal work to the engineer looking for a permanent job.

The most important asset to every business, large or small, has always been people. The right people make a business thrive. The wrong people deteriorate it. No matter the size of the company, whether there are 10 employees or 10,000, whether the needs are local, national or global, NukeWorker matches the most qualified candidates with open positions. NukeWorker's extensive candidate pool – and the exclusive tools that allow employers to quickly and effortlessly search and qualify that talent pool – ensures that qualified candidates are readily available and accessible. Three out of five NukeWorker candidates have a degree and over five years of experience in their field and 1 out of 4 have more than twenty years.  Four out of five candidates also possess a security clearance.

How We Do It

Since 1999 NukeWorker has been growing and perfecting the business tools and solutions to bring nuclear workers and employers together. NukeWorker's solutions allow for the distribution of postings to nuclear candidates by geography, specialty, security clearance, or experience.  Searches may be conducted locally, nationally or globally with the ability to identify candidates who possess a specific certification or education level. NukeWorker's fully customizable searches are designed to return only the candidates meeting the desired criteria. NukeWorker has the tools that enable the end-user to track each position and resume. NukeWorker is here to help you find, sort and ultimately hire the best candidates. Unlike a newspaper ad, the site is uniquely equipped to fill nuclear recruitment and hiring needs on a global, national or local level.
Regardless of the employer's nuclear sector or geographic location, NukeWorker offers the most extensive and fastest growing pool of qualified candidates. The result: timely, quality hires, less down time, more production, and increased cost savings.  NukeWorker’s online recruiting advantage is in overall customer satisfaction.
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