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Author Topic: female nuke with 1 year old son  (Read 18095 times)

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Re: female nuke with 1 year old son
« Reply #25 on: Feb 20, 2009, 04:48 »
I was just commenting on the last statement

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Re: female nuke with 1 year old son
« Reply #26 on: Feb 21, 2009, 01:24 »
 ;) Navychick Best of Luck to you and your family on March 12 in taking the Asvab test the true test is that decision to go or not  and the sacrifices you will have to make and the life choices you both made for your family.I think you already know what your plans are even though you asked for advice here, it appears you know already what your doing hope it works out for you it will be tough to do with the "Me" factor in mind as you are a family first!!Best of Luck and keep us posted !!! :)

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Re: female nuke with 1 year old son
« Reply #27 on: Feb 21, 2009, 07:02 »
In the end theres no shame in doing whats right for your family....if anything I say let daddy play stay at home dad or find other employment and you play nuke.  In the end it breaks down to who makes more doing what they want to do.  I work commercial since with working 12-16 weeks a year, I get to spend the majority of the year being a stay at home mom, which with any other field I wouldnt have that luxury.  I tried a real job, and I found the take home was starvation wages once I paid for child care, insurance, groceries, etc...  The most important thing is to do what is necessary for your little one, and find the balance that works best for your family situation.  I'm blessed enough to have a sister that is a stay at home mother, who my son views as a good mommy replacement for on the road so he's quite well adjusted to the situation and it's well established that mommy always comes back.  Really though, its going to have to be one or the other, and since you seem quite capable I suggest you play bread winner and insist the hubby stay home or at very minimum stagger your enlistment and see what can be done to prevent both deployed at the same time. 

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Re: female nuke with 1 year old son
« Reply #28 on: Feb 24, 2009, 04:23 »
I was thinking more along the lines of IA,...,14186.msg85976.html#msg85976

You gave great examples of Nuke JO's or enlisted non nukes getting IA billets, but I was enlisted.  We are hurting for shore duty personnel so I did not worry about IAs.  Ive never met or heard of an enlisted nuke going IA.  I am sure it happened, but 95% of the time it didn't, so I try not to worry about "what ifs" that do not seem likely.  But thats just my opinion on it.
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