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Operator Physical
« on: Apr 14, 2006, 01:38 »
Is it possible to be too big to pass an operator physical, for instance 6' 335 lb?

Not obese, can't-touch-your-toes, can't-go-up-a-flight-of-stairs-without-getting-winded big, but rather olympic weightlifter, size-64-sportcoat, 22-inch-collar, all-vitals-normal big?
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That would still pass an operator physical.

There could be limitations: typically 285# for safety harnesses, ladder weight ratings vary (but many plants use the 300# or 250# ratings). While not a requirement, there may need to be provisions for larger equipment in place. Many sites have a couple of guys over 300#; not a deterrent for hiring.
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Heck Sequoyah has the biggest operator known to mankind. We have one who goes about 6-4 or 6-5 and at one time went 350. The guy is HUGE and many of us are lucky he has the patience of a saint and a great sense of humor.

If you can see and pass a Pulmonary Function test you'll pass the physical. Touching your toes is not a requirement. I've passed the physical something like 18 times and I have broken elbows and knees so arthritic they creak.



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