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Re: Raising the Bar
« Reply #50 on: Nov 22, 2004, 03:44 »
alphadude, during the mid 80s I was at a open pool research reactor when the operators gave us a "treat".  Our instructor had us line up on the opposite end of the pool from the Rx, told us not to look directly at it or move. Then the operators cut off all the containment lights making it so dark in there you could not see the end of your nose. They then "pulsed" the reactor and it indeed produced a blinding white light. They turned the lights back on then and I do not remember any bubbles coming out of the water, but I may have missed them. That "pulse" was brighter than anything else I have ever seen. I have always wondered what all radiation was produced by the pulsing of the Rx. I do know our normal dosimetry did not record any large exposure for the types of radiation it could detect, but was there kinds of radiation(s) not detectable by our dosimetry?

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Re: Raising the Bar
« Reply #51 on: Nov 22, 2004, 09:27 »
 I can't address what types of radiation or the potential dose, but as to dosimetry: If it was gamma, the dose is probably accurate, the badges are calibrated with an average of energies that you would find in a npp (usually 137 Cs), and the filters built into the badge itself can determine shallow dose, deep dose etc. In some cases the plants or the vendor who is processing the badges may have algoritms so tight that they can even identify some isotopes. If there was neutron, there is a possiblity of inaccurate measurement.  With neutron dosimetry you have to calibrate your badges with a known source of known energy to respond to a known energy.  (Actually it's also really about creating a proper algorithm, along with what elements the crystals are made of in the chips) So if you don't have a known or corresponding energy your badges could over respond, under respond or make no indication of exposure at all.  (it's an albedo measurement)
  Power plants generally have badges that respond with a great deal of accuracy at certain levels of reacter power.  At higher percentages of power, I don't believe anyone can swear that the dose on the badges is the "real" dose. In some cases it could just be an educated guess.  There are also variations in the type of dosimetry used or the manufacturer.  Landauer luxel, Panasonic, the Harshaw. 
One other caveat: I haven't processed dosimetry in over a decade, so there may be new info out there that I am not aware of.  Have a great day!


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Re: Raising the Bar
« Reply #52 on: Nov 22, 2004, 12:53 »
Hey Mr. Alphadude,

It sounds like you have been around for a time or so...

Can you explaine to me one mo' time bout the more clicks you have the more radiation ya got?

And you can git rid of the radiation by turning the gas off to square silver thing, you can get rid of a lot of radiation.  I have seen it done many a nights.  But you know what???  It comes back again when someone else checks it, now ain't that something?

My nail tech/lead tech showed me. 


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Re: Raising the Bar
« Reply #53 on: Nov 22, 2004, 02:01 »
radman- stay away from the dark side

it is a fact that the more money that you get paid the more contaimination you find. maybe thats the relation u are talking about.  more clicks means more money means more contamination- its alimentary!

did u get your ham yet?


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Re: Raising the Bar
« Reply #54 on: Nov 22, 2004, 04:49 »
It's in the mail wrapped in my new sweater!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Bro....

This gig is over Dec. 17...they still are not putting a year to it...Rad    :)

P.S. How's the moose hunting??

Sorry..I' now moving to the light..
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