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Author Topic: Bremsstrahlung Calculations et al Added to Rad Pro Calculator  (Read 6414 times)

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A new version of Rad Pro Calculator is available, version 2.30.  The biggest upgrade was merging the Uranium Enrichment Calculator desktop software with Rad Pro Calculator desktop.  Now both packages are available in one convenient user interface.  The Uranium Enrichment Calculator will no longer be offered as a separate package.

The second major addition was beta emitter bremsstrahlung calculations.

The bremsstrahlung page calculates the x-rays generated when beta emitters interact with shielding material.  You may choose two shields, one to shield the betas and one to shield the x-rays generated by the first shield.  It is useful to demonstrate to students and others why one should not shield high energy beta emitters with high Z (atomic number) materials.

Click on the check box to turn on the x-ray shield.  If you don't know the activity, say for a trash bag, use the beta emitter page/tab and click on "Calculate Activity" to enter your measured beta dose-rate.  Use a distance of 1 cm.  Copy and use the activity answer from that page/tab and use it on the bremsstrahlung page/tab.

On the decay tab, isotope selection was changed from selecting isotopes sorted by atomic number and weight to selecting elements sorted in alphabetical order and then selecting isotopes.

The bremsstrahlung calculations are available online also:

Download and update options for Rad Pro Calculator are available at:

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Great  job ;D

Thanks a lot ;) It's a lot of work, and I definately appreciate your efforts.
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Thanks a lot  It's a lot of work, and I definately appreciate your efforts.

You're welcome PWH and thanks for the encouragement.  It is a lot of work but it pays off with the time that it saves us all.

An update: For those of you who recently upgraded to Rad Pro Calculator version 2.30 by just replacing your executable file, you are missing a file.  There is a new “About Enrichment Formulas” item under the Help menu.  It displays the formulas used in the Uranium Enrichment tab.  Without this file, you get a blank white box.  Unzip the .rtf file to your C:\Program Files\Rad Pro Calculator folder to display the text correctly.  If you uninstalled and did a new reinstall, you have the file.  To get the file, click on this link:


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