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Core PPS / a Dekra Company

About Core PPS / a Dekra Company
Our main service goal at CORE Plant Protection Services (Core PPS), a Dekra company, is to protect your plants critical systems, structures and components from the entrance of uncontrolled foreign materials during planned and unplanned maintenance activities. To accomplish this, we are able to provide Foreign Material Accountability Monitors that have been trained specifically in foreign material prevention techniques, are well versed in the fundamentals of human performance tools such as Procedure Use and Adherence, STAR (Stop*Think*Act*Review), Three-Way Communication, Peer Checking and Worker/Workplace Observation and Pre-Job Briefing. Our team truly works as a team and each member is empowered to have a questioning attitude at all times, so as to always understand the activities taking place within the FME Areas and how best we can set-up the FME Worker for success while protecting and maintaining cleanliness in the FME Areas. Our members have over 30 years of combined expert FME Experience and have worked Re-Fuel Outages, Major Projects, Upgrades and Replacements including Steam Generators, Reactor Heads, Cranes and Turbines, Dry Cask Campaigns and Irradiated Hardware Removal Campaigns. We can support any industry with their FME needs including Fossil & Gas, Nuclear & Renewables and HydroElectric.

Core PPS / a Dekra Company registered with NukeWorker on 02/04/2019. They have posted a total of 1 jobs on our system, and curently have 0 jobs avaliable.

Core PPS / a Dekra Company

http://3901 Roswell Rd Suite 120


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