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C&I Engineering, LLC

About C&I Engineering, LLC
C&I Engineering, (C&I) is a 100-percent minority-owned small business, founded in 1999 by Mr. Michael Cabrera. C&I Engineering provides a full range of consultant and staff-augment support personnel in many areas: Commercial Nuclear Power, Fossil, DOE & DOD industries. C&I Engineering is recognized as a leading management, technical and engineering solutions provider that meets client’s schedules, budgets, and quality goals. Our philosophy is “get the work done right the first time, while delivering professional quality services”. Our consultants are recognized as self-starters, team players, noted for responsibility, persistence, patience, technical knowledge and the ability to resolve problems, adapt to changes, meet schedules and complete assignments ahead of schedule.

Since 1999 C&I has diversified, realizing over 70% of its revenues in: Management Consulting, Staff Augmentation in Electrical- Mechanical, Controls, Civil Structural, Plant Outage Work, HP Personnel, Quality Assurance Personnel, Information Services, Plant Administration Personnel, Analog to Digital Upgrades, Plant Process Computers, Security System Upgrades (ARINC, NSSC), Radiation Monitoring (GA, MGPI, NMC, Victoreen), Project Management, Set Point Calculations, Start-Up/Testing, 95-001, 95-002, 95-003 and 0350 plant re-starts, component design basis reconstitution, plant & site wide EMI-RFI baseline emissions surveys, studies, evaluations, Wireless technology network coverage surveys and network design, wireless communications systems design/deployment and Design Engineering.

C&I Engineering has delivered high quality expertise for a broad spectrum of complex information systems opportunities. We provide support in Licensing Basis Documents/Commitments, Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR), Safety System Functional Inspection’s (SSFI’s), System Design and Functional Validation (SDFV), Technical Specifications, 10CFR50 Appendix “A” - General Design Criteria, 10CFR50.54 (f) - Configuration Management Plan, Non Conformance Reports and Validations (NCR’s), UFSAR Amendments, NRC Correspondence, Quality Assurance Program (Topical Report), Emergency Plan, Design Basis Document, Retrofit Problem Reports, Defense in Depth, Probability Risk Assessments, Vertical Assessments, Design Verification, Environmental Qualifications (EQ), and 10CFR50.59 Evaluations for the Nuclear utility industry.

C&I Engineering has performed design and project management consulting for Security System Upgrades, Process Plant Computer Systems, Digital Radiation Monitoring Systems, Control Room Annunciation Systems, Diverse Scram Systems, Feedwater Controls and Turbine Trip Systems, and Hydrogen Water Chemistry Injection System at nuclear facilities throughout the country. C&I Engineering has provided expert consulting services for the security system upgrade and Safety Related Digital Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade projects at Energy Northwest Nuclear Generating Station.

C&I Engineering has provided expert consultant work for procurement: Safety Related 1E software per 10CFR50 Appendix B, Criterion, Regulatory Guidelines, and IEEE’s 730, 830, 1012, 1016, and 1059 for digital safety related systems. Developed and provided a Software Quality Assurance Program (SQAP) and Design Authority procedures for support of analog to digital upgrades modification which included the latest Regulatory Guides and IEEE’s. Developed and provided test plan for EMI/RFI test criteria per Regulatory Guide 1.180 and Mil Standard 461E.

Our services include: Conceptual Design, Drawings Review and Declassification, Change Management Development, Bid Specification Development, RFP Vendor Evaluation, Best and Final Offer negotiations, Project Plan Development, Scheduling Plan, Installation Plan including Transitioning Sequence, Field Walkdowns, and Liaison between Vendor and Client. Along with Energy Northwest Nuclear Generating Station, Computer Systems and Digital Upgrades clients list includes, Clinton Nuclear Power Station, Crystal River Nuclear Power Station, Millstone Unit 1, Entergy Indian Point Unit 3, Comanche Nuclear Generating Station, Waterford Unit 3 Nuclear Station, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Generating Station, APS Nuclear Power Station Units 1,2 and 3 and 16 years at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Units 2&3.

C&I Engineering, LLC registered with NukeWorker on 08/27/2006. They have posted a total of 3 jobs on our system, and curently have 0 jobs avaliable.

C&I Engineering, LLC


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