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Operational Health Physics Training
By H.J. Moe
ANL-88-26 Corrected
June 1992

Operational Health Physics Training By H.J. Moe

Before there was a CORE Study Guide, before there was a NEU Study Guide, there was Moe.  In it's first incarnation it was "Radiation Safety Technician Training Manual, ANL-7291", known to all as the "Moe Handbook".  It was updated in June of 1992 due to changes in radiation protection standards and measurement technology since its original publication in May,1972 and renamed "Operational Health Physics Training, ANL-88-26".  However, if you look in the references section of practically every HP book, you'll find it listed.  In my opinion, it is one of the BEST reference materials for HP Technicians.  It Covers Reactor Operations, Particle Accelerators, and X-Ray Devices as well as the basics.  It's a "Must Read".

The entire Manual is about 50 MB in PDF format (929 pages), so I have broken it into 28 smaller sections to make downloading it easier.


File Type/Size


# Pages

  (1,475k)        (Cover, Foreword) Table of Contents 30
  (79k)        Abstract 1
(1,266k)  01. Basic Information 24
(1,711k)  02. Radioactivity and It's Properties 32
(3,998k)  03. Properties of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Rays, and Neutrons 74
(1,800k)  04. Concepts of Radiation Quantities and Approaches to Dose Determinations 32
(2,077k)  05. Biological Affects and Risks of Radiation 32
(1,112k)  06. Background Radiation and Man-Made Contributions 18
(1,385k)  07. Radiation Protection Standards 24
(1,712k)  08. External Protection Factors - Time, Distance and Shielding 36
(2,444k)  09. Internal Dosimetry Considerations 48
(2,311k)  10. Radiation Detection Principles 44
(2,219k)  11. Instrument Operating Characteristics and Counting Statistics 48
(4,835k)  12. Health Physics Instruments 92
(2,343k)  13. Personnel Monitoring Devices 42
(1,952k)  14. Air Sampling 40
(3,402k)  15. Reactors and Nuclear Safety 60
(5,470k)  16. Health Physics Aspects of Enclosures and Contamination Control 94
(2,961k)  17. Particle Accelerators 52
(1,410k)  18. X-Ray Producing Machines and Sealed Gamma Sources 26
  (41k)        Appendix A - Selected Constants 2
  (30k)        Appendix B - Radiation Quantities and Constants 2
  (172k)        Appendix C - Signs and Symbols - Alphabetically by Symbol 4
  (49k)        Appendix D - Signs and Symbols - Mathematics 2
  (124k)        Appendix E - Mass Attenuation Coefficients & Mass Energy Absorptions Coefficients 4
  (730k)        Appendix F - Selected Mathematical Topics 22
  (795k)        Appendix G - List of Elements and Chart of Nuclides 11
  (2,091k)        Index 33
         Test on Entire Moe Text  


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