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Free Online Practice Test.

DOE Radiological Control Technicians (RCTs) CORE Exam Study Guides and Online Practice Tests.
The NukeWorker.com online practice tests are meant to assist people studying to take the DOE RCT CORE exam it provides a database of 1,000’s of questions similar in technical content to the actual exams. The questions are distributed over 13 study categories and are multiple choice with the correct answer given when wrong, so you won't be totally lost!
The program is designed to keep score on your exam performance and tell you which areas of radiation protection knowledge you need to work on.  It is recommended that you supplement this program with some serious studying of reference texts provided here, and the recommended reading list.
DOE Standardized CORE Training Materials
DOE/EH-0262T-4 (1992) Phase I, Core Academic Training Study Guides.
DOE/EH-0262T-6 (1992) Phase I, Site Academic Training Study Guides.
      DOE/EH-0262T-7 (1992) Phase II, Core/Site Practical Training.
DOE/EH-0262T-8 (1992) Phase III, Oral Examination Boards. 

DOE/EH-0262T-4 Core Academic Training Study Guides.

These 13 lessons contain generic fundamental theory and do not contain any site-specific information. This is known as the CORE.  They represent the minimal standard information to be taught to a Radiological Control Technician (RCT)  This is also the BEST study information for the NEU Exam for HPT's.


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 Study Guides
(269k) 1.01 Basic Mathematics and Algebra
(282k) 1.02 Unit Analysis and Conversion
(142k) 1.03 Physical Sciences
(135k) 1.04 Nuclear Physics
(47k) 1.05 Sources of Radiation
(323k) 1.06 Radioactivity and Radioactive Decay
(179k) 1.07 Interaction of Radiation With Matter
(82k) 1.08 Biological Effects of Radiation
(44k) 1.09 Radiological Protection Standards
(28k) 1.10 ALARA
(68k) 1.11 External Exposure Control
(50k) 1.12 Internal Exposure Control
(165k) 1.13 Radiation Detector Theory
  100 Question Comprehensive Exam based on Parts 1-13.


DOE/EH-0262T-6 Site Academic Training Study Guides.

These 19 lessons include objectives covering general information relative to the topic and common to all DOE sites, and objectives where the information may vary with the site (identified by a little pointing hand in the left margin of the text). This is known as Part two, and is required to get a CORE card.  This information is excellent, and very detailed. I have also included a Site specific version for LANL (Los Alamos National Lab).





Study Guides
(34k) (25k) (41k) 2.01 Radiological Documentation
(25k) (29k) (53k) 2.02 Communication Systems
(55k) (204k) (326k) 2.03 Counting Errors and Statistics
(80k) (134k) (239k) 2.04 Dosimetry
(38k) (41k) (64k) 2.05 Contamination Control
(50k) (85k) (173k) 2.06 Airborne Sampling Program/Methods
(44k) (61k) (110k) 2.07 Respiratory Protection
(42k) (42k) (46k) 2.08 Radiological Source Control
(47k) (51k) (73k) 2.09 Environmental Monitoring
(63k) (61k) (91k) 2.10 Access Control and Work Area Setup
(50k) (43k) (65k) 2.11 Radiological Work Coverage
(62k) (64k) (98k) 2.12 Shipment/Receipt of Radioactive Material
(41k) (54k) (62k) 2.13 Radiological Incidents and Emergencies
(30k) (35k) (48k) 2.14 Personnel Decontamination
(23k) (22k) (38k) 2.15 Radiological Considerations for First Aid
(40k) (71k) (120k) 2.16 Radiation Survey Instrumentation
(35k) (48k) (77k) 2.17 Contamination Monitoring Instrumentation
(63k) (35k) (48k) 2.18 Air Sampling Equipment
(46k) (37k) (67k) 2.19 Counting Room Equipment
Other useful information:
10CFR835 DOE equivalent of the NRC's 10CFR20.
   DOE RadCon Manuel
   ALL the DOE Radiological study info.
   DOE Qualification Standards
   DOE Clearinghouse for Training, Education and Development


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