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Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual

Training | Download the Manual | COMPASS Software Download


Published in December 1997, The MARSSIM manual provides a single, nationally consistent guide for verifying that radioactively contaminated sites have been cleaned up to standards, rather than each regulatory agency having its own manual and standards. Such increased efficiency eliminates the confusion that could often result from contractors having to work from three or four different manuals.


Eric Abelquist 's involvement in the development of the manual gave him the knowledge necessary for working with another ORISE program to quickly develop a training course in the implementation of MARSSIM. This course is offered through ORISE's Professional Training Programs several times a year. Specific information on the MARSSIM course offered by PTP, its schedule, and how to register can be found on the MARSSIM training page on the PTP Web site.

This course, which has been expanded to five days for 1999 offerings, emphasizes the decision-making processes involved in the design and implementation of a MARSSIM-based decommissioning survey. Topics include an overview of radiological survey types, the data quality objectives process, selection and application of DCGLs, background reference area selection, survey instrument detection sensitivity, area classification, statistical design of surveys, measurement uncertainty, and performing statistical tests. It is expected that the course instructors will include the following advisors to the MARSSIM committee: Eric Abelquist (CHP), James Berger (CHP), and Dr. Carl Gogolak. 

COMPASS facilitates the use of MARSSIM and helps in making informed radiological survey decisions.
MARSSIM Implementation Software

The COMPASS software was designed to facilitate the use of MARSSIM and guide the user into making informed decisions in designing final status radiological surveys. COMPASS also simplifies the application of the statistical tests by performing the statistical calculations and providing prospective power curves that help in determining what level of confidence the user is willing to accept for a particular number of measurements or samples for a survey unit. After performing the final status survey, COMPASS assesses the data for comparison to the release criteria.

Installation Instructions 
(You may wish to print this page before installation)

  • Download CSetup.exe
  • Close all open applications
  • Run CSetup.exe
  • Press the SETUP button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Run COMPASS from your start menu

    Note: If the COMPASS setup program requires you to reboot your system to update Windows system files, re-run CSetup.exe.  Also, setup may prompt when newer files are present on your computer; select the option to keep the newer file that is on your computer.

Click here to download the COMPASS software
(This file is 5.83 MB)

Additional Materials

MARSSIM Update: Expanded Scope, Implementation Tools, and ExamplesPDF
Continuing Education Lecture presented at the HPS Midyear in Orlando, Feb. 19, 2002.

MARSSIM Implementation at University and Medical Research FacilitiesPDF
PEP presented at the Tampa HPS meeting on June 18, 2002.

Lessons Learned During Implementation of MARSSIM from an Independent Verification PerspectivePDF
Presented at HPS Annual Conference in San Diego, CA; July 24, 2003.



     NUREG-1506 Measurement Methods for Radiological Surveys in Support
     NUREG-1507, "Minimum Detectable Concentrations with Typical Radiation Survey
        Instruments for Various Contaminants and Field Conditions

     NUREG/CR-5849, Manual for Conducting Radiological Surveys in Support of License

ORAU Survey Manual


General Information
General FAQs
answers to questions commonly asked by lay readers
related information on other Web sites
Recent Additions
list of the latest additions to the MARSSIM site
Technical FAQs
answers to questions commonly asked by MARSSIM users
directions for providing comments on MARSSIM
times and locations of upcoming MARSSIM training sessions
tables and software aids for implementing MARSSIM


MARSSIM Workgroup
location and time of Workgroup meetings; agendas and notes
About the Workgroup
contact information for Workgroup members

Download MARSSIM

Select the method for obtaining a copy MARSSIM, Revision 1 (August 2000) including the June 2001 updates, that suits your needs:

  • Update an older copy with replacement pages (240K) in pdf format.
  • Obtain a complete copy in pdf format as a zip file (2.9M).
  • Obtain a copy of Table I-11 (20K) in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Obtain individual sections in pdf format:
Download Sections
Section Size
Reference Availability 12K
Table of Contents 124K
Roadmap 116K
Cover and Spine 103K

Download Chapters
No. Title Size
1. Introduction 41K
2. Overview of the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Process 272K
3. Historical Site Assessment 102K
4. Preliminary Survey Considerations 344K
5. Survey Planning and Design 520K
6. Field Measurement Methods and Instrumentation 363K
7. Sampling and Preparation for laboratory Measurements 138K
8. Interpretation of Survey Results 220K
9. Quality Assurance and Quality Control 38K
  References 50K
  Glossary 191K
  Index 35K
  Bibliographic Data 13K

Download Appendices
No. Appendix Size
A. Example of MARSSIM Applied to a Final Status Survey 196K
B. Simplified Procedure for Certain Users of Sealed Sources, Short Half-life Materials, and Small Quantities 57K
C. Site Regulations and Requirements Associated with Radiation Surveys and Site Investigations 75K
D. The Planning Phase of the Data Life Cycle 186K
E. The Assessment Phase of the Data Life Cycle 20K
F. The Relationship Between the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Process, the CERCLA Remedial or Removal Process, and the RCRA Correction Action Process 100K
G. Historical Site Assessment Information Sources 71K
H. Description of Field Survey and Laboratory Analysis Equipment 251K
I. Statistical Tables and Procedures 457K
J. Derivation of Alpha Scanning Equations Presented in Section 284K
K. Comparison Tables Between Quality Assurance Documents 30K
L. Regional Radiation Program Managers 16K
M. Sampling Methods: A List of Sources 36K
N. Data Validation Using Data Receptors 105K


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