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Dave Warren:
The word is that the award has been pushed back to the middle of May.

Who's got some inside scoop on this one?

I'm getting some noise that Energy Solutions may be on the top of the DOE's list for this one.

Anybody got info?

That noise you heard was correct.  EnergySolutions was awarded the Moab contract through 2011.

Dave Warren:
Sometimes those little birdies know what they are talking about.
I guess 80% of rumors are true.... ;)

Dave Warren:
So, we know that Energy Solutions has the 4-year contract for 98 million to move the dirt.
We know that Parallax was purchased by Energy Solutions for federal Rad Con services.
We know that S and K Aerospace took over the Stoller contract at Moab for 22 million.
We know that the politicians and the state of Utah are pressuring the DOE to get this thing cleaned up before it gets in the Colorado River.

We don't know anything about when the work is starting or when some jobs are gonna open up.
If anyone knows any info, please give it up.

Its already in the river, LOL... check out the sand bar down stream

you know u want sum of this 105 degree heat...


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