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Anybody know about Kesselring ?

I'm going to worker there as an in house RCT, for KAPL.  How is the work environment compared to commercial plants? 

I was there as a instructor ten years ago. Parking at the time could be a pain, especially when it was nasty cold, but my clearest memory was of the security guards, who all acted as though they were seals or something great. They were pretty proud of themselves, but from an outsider looking in, they were very similar to the keystone cops!

One of the staff found a guards personal weapon in the bathroom stall one time! The guard went in, set down the weapon, and when he had finished his business, left without it!

Work enviroment wise, in the plants, was pretty good. The entire crew, civilians and military use to go out for chicken wings and beer on Thursdays to peabody's, if it is still there, and have a reall good time. But that was ten years ago, might have changed!


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