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And of you who are at or near Davis Besse, take a drive down route 58 and go to Wellington Ohio. Then eat at the Pizza House which in my opinion has the best pizza in the world. While you're there tell Aunt Carmel that Mike and Lauri love her and want the dang recipe to her sauce!



--- Quote from: Kimo on Nov 22, 2007, 02:59 ---
Near Historic Port Clinton and Oak Harbor on the best boating and fishing grounds on Lake Erie, Camp Perry 5 Minutes, Ferry to Put In Bay 15 Minutes., Ferry to Kelley’s Island 25 minutes,. Magee Marsh 5 Minutes., Cedar Point 30 Minutes., Boat Rental 10 Minutes., New Water Park 20 minutes., Davis Bessie, Sandy Beach, Wild Wings Marina, Restaurant, Lounge, Convenience Store on site, Golf 10 Minutes., African Safari 15 Minutes. Mon Ami Winery & Night Club 15 Minutes, Saw Mill Creek Golf & Country Club 30 Minutes.

Photos at website             http://www.vacationrentals411.com/vacation/13697.html

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Not sure what your starting point is....................
But the times are wrong........Sandy Beach, Wild Wings Marina, Restaurant, Lounge, Convenience Store on site is LESS than 5 minutes from the plant.
Port Clinton / Oak Harbor / Camp Perry is 30 minutes from the plant.
African Safari is over 30 minutes from Besse
Mon Ami Winery - over 30 minutes from Besse
Put In Bay this time of year - doubtful


--- Quote from: yuffie on Nov 22, 2007, 10:03 ---Thats a long drive from Davenport Florida every day. The website says it is in Davenport.

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No kidding...if I had my choice I'd go to Florida this time of year.  ;D
When you go to that website - go down the page to where it states "view other members here"
click there - go in and click the Oak Harbor Listing..............hope that helps.....

I grew up there. Camp Perry is at the most 15 minutes from the plant, same with Oak Harbor and Port Clinton. African Safari maybe 20 minutes. Given it's only 35 minutes to Milan from Davis Besse it's impossible Camp Perry is 30 minutes away. All times are driving the posted Speed Limit on Route 2.


Green Cove Condo's next door to  plant.  Check with some of the other techs.  I know of some that are staying there.   Is this your first time working for Bartlett?  Davis Besse  is a nice plant to work at.....  You will like it.


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