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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

--- Quote ---The Karsten Inn,122 Ellis St. Kewaunee WI 54216 phone # 920 388 3800 is a great place to stay.  Rosewitha Heuer is general manager. It is a beautiful hotel and has a bar. The email address is gm@karsteninn.com   We had a wonderfull two months there. This inn is about 8 miles from Kewaunee Nuclear and 13 miles from Point Beach Nuclear
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--- Quote ---www.1plusrentals.com
We have 52 apartments and homes in the City of Two Rivers Wisconsin.  Many of these are completely furnished including furniture, linens, bedding, dishes, microwaves etc.  Some are available on a month to month basis.  We are located 13 minutes from Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant and just 18 minutes from the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant.  We have been in business since 1968 and have an excellent reputation for the services that we provide.  Visit our website at http://www.1plusrentals.com or contact us at 920-794-8821
Email: dsleger@lakefield.net
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For Rent: 3 furnished bedrooms upstairs in our home. 3/4 bath upstairs. Full kitchen and laundry privileges. Off street parking also available. 10 miles north of plant. $25/day . Contact Rich or Sheryl for more information @ (920) 388-0678

--- Quote ---If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

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:) My last stay there I was at Heritage Inn in downtown Manitowoc. (920)682-8271 clean rooms and the best weekly rate(single) I found at the time. You won't meet any nicer people to work for than Kewaunee. I'm sorry I'll miss the outage!

Camella Black:
Here are 3 sites that I found, can not vouch for them, but the Village Inn does have a web site and they allow pets.

Village Inn & Suites (and R.V. Sites)
Two Rivers, WI

Seagull Mariana
Two Rivers

Point Beach State Forest
Two River, WI

Harrison Harbor House
212 Harrison Street
Kewaunee WI 54216
(920) 388-0606
This is a little ol' rooming house right across the street from the harbor. There is a shared central living room/lounge area with couches, chairs, table, fireplace, TV set, etc. The rooms are located just off the living room. Communal bathroom with 3 shower stalls. This place is not a five star hotel, but it is clean, and comfortable, and most importantly CHEAP. The owners are very friendly nice too.
Walking distance from several bars and restaurants.
Approx 15min drive to the plant.


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