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Not only do I have to take the POSS test, but also the BMST.
I've seen lots of good advice/links for the POSS. Any of the same
for the Basic Math and Science Test???

Hope its not too late... but figure out how to work trig tables, look at radians, quadratic equations, simultaneous linear equations, basic geometric shape calculations (areas, volumes), a car leaves going west at 10 mps, another car leaves 2 hours later at 20mph how long until it catches up type of questions, print reading, exponents, other trigonometry like right triangles and Pythagoreans theorem, etc. Practice you long division and multiplication. They are also going to ask basic definitions like WHAT DOES THE TERM REDUCTION MEAN IN REGARDS TO CHEMISTRY? A BETA HAS THE SAME MASS AS WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING? Etc etc etc. The best thing you can do to prepare is get in the mind set of not spending too much time on something you don't know. If you don't immediately know how to go for the solution, move on. You will more than likely use every second available since its all done by hand. It is pretty basic, but since they used a calculator/computer to make it, and you don't get to use one, working them out by hand take a good chunk of time. Time management is key on this exam.

Good luck!


Took this jewel of a test from Exelon recently, pm me if you need info.

I'm going to be taking the BMST exam for Exelon next week, and I can't find a single practice test out there.  >:( I've read the others post on this site, and I have a general idea of the areas the exam covers, but can anyone else point me in the direction of study material or sites when I can do some review? Thanks in advance.

Smooth Operator:
What job are you testing for?

Bone up on calculating radians/degrees of a circle and using trig tables.,12937.0.html


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