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Thats 10 years of training and education. I'm just nervous that I'll mess up this test, and I really want to move to the Chicagoland Area. If that's the case, I need to get with Exelon, which means whatever help I can get on this test, I'm taking.

Smooth Operator:
Ahh yeah, the practice test did suck. I winged it instead and relied on my nukeness to pull it out.

Specific things I remember:

Solving simultaneous equations, volumetric calculations (Sphere, cylinder, etc), two trains..., coverting degrees to radians or something such, trig tables, sine, cosine, tan

I work at LGS.

Thanks. I'm really not looking forward to taking this test. Or studying for it as a matter of fact. I just don't know where to begin.   :(

I am going to take the BMST in 3 days, and I'm wondering what kind of questions there are in the different areas..

There are 5 different math areas and 4 different science areas, and they are:

Spacial Relations
Basic Numbers

Nuclear Science
Electrical Science

There were some examples on the practice test they gave me, but it wasn't enough to really study off of, if anybody has anything more specific they could give me to study, or some web sites that I could go to, that'd really help.

Thanks! :)

Nuclear NASCAR:,250.0.html

These are the first two places I'd look.  You might also do a google search on Basic Math & Science test.  If you do a search on Spacial relations it will come up Spatial relations.

Best of luck with the test.



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