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when you guys say trig tables what do you mean?  when i look them up on the interwebs i get some different examples.  i would think it would just be the degree vs the function with a value but i also see some tables that are fractional or basically unsimplified fractions with roots in them.  which is it?

Active Duty Army here looking to reclass into the MOS 12P Prime Power Production Specialist.  Ok, I have tried to follow along with this thread but it has been a long time since I was semi-decent at math so things like radians are lost to me.  I am beginning to prepare for the BMST and I understand there are not really any study guides out there.  If I were just starting out, using self-study materials like "Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for Dummies, Chemistry Demystified, etc"  what courses should I focus on for just the BMST.  Marenta wrote a list a while back. Would you agree that these are the courses I need to get self-study books for?  I am looking at plenty of time to study since I will be going on a hardship tour without my family.

Spacial Relations
Basic Numbers

Nuclear Science
Electrical Science

You don't need to study nuclear science or electrical science. If you can find a BMST practice exam, take that, google the questions you didn't know how to answer, and study those topics. Sorry, but it's been a year and a half, so I don't remember many specifics, but I think math went through geometry (maybe a little into trig) and had basic chemistry and physics (I think it was stuff you'd learn in high school).


--- Quote from: xro on Mar 23, 2008, 10:18 ---Took this jewel of a test from Exelon recently, pm me if you need info.

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I need some more info about the BMST and POSS I have done plenty on POSS practice exams but haven't found any from the BMST do you have any advice or things to look at?


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