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User Profile Picture - How and/or why did you choose yours?

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Let's see ... I picked this pic for my profile ... because it's me?

As an aside ... Doppler .... dude ... come back to us my brother ... walk toward the light ....  8)

Edit complete ... howzzatt?


--- Quote from: HAIRDUDE on Mar 06, 2008, 01:12 ---Edit complete ... howzzatt?

--- End quote ---

Thanx, hope your book is doing well. Would its cover make a good Avatar?

well mine does change from time to time but i know like any of my personal pics....honeycomb can attest to that fact. i have one yes just one pic of myself. now if you want pics of my kids/dog then have about a million.

i chose my rock and roll penquin because well....He is CUTE.  8)

DFTBA (dont forget to be awsome)

have a great day

Using the cover of my book would probably be neat Marlin, but I'm beginning to realize that along with being semi-rich and semi-famous comes a need for a place or two where I can just be my usual schmo self, not an author etc. This has become one of those places. Between calls from my publicist, fan mail (who'da thunk it ... fan mail for me???) and the occasional nut-job who thinks the book is actually true ... go figger on that one ... I like nukeworker because most everyone on here knows me as "that HP guy" and nothing more. Everybody here was nice to me and put up with me even when I was a pain in the a@@ 'cause I was one of the guys. I've seen a lot of benefit from my writing ... don't get me wrong. I'm very grateful for all of it. But I would prefer not to prop myself up with it in here. Here ... In here, I am HAIRDUDE ... dork extrordinare  :P


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