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Just took the POSS/MASS/BMST, a reflection

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Get an ASVAB Book. Most of the Prep Books have about 5 to 10 tests.

Take the first test at your own pace.

Then try to shave 5 minutes off each subsequent test.

On the real McCoy you won't see anything Nuclear Specific. You have to work fast because if you don't complete a certain amount of questions the section you are in won't be graded.


Thanks for the support guys!

Besides the EEI practice tests I used the Barron's Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests book as a study guide.  It's good practice for the mechanical assembly part but only covered basic mechanical concepts.  Everything else in the book is irrelevant.  A LOT of the mechanical concept questions on the real test were way harder than the examples in the EEI practice test.  I relied a lot on what I've learned in physics and fluid dynamics. 

I've always been pretty good at doing calculations in my head so I was able to complete both math conversions/algebra sections.  They're not hard at all.  You just have to be QUICK, and that just takes practice.  Even if you memorize the conversions it won't help too much if you're busy doing calculations on the scratch paper.

Alright.. I gotta get back to studying. ;) I'll make sure to keep you guys posted.

 :-\  Hey Arkane I want to appologize for not sayin congrats on passing  ;) the test you took.  I was so anxious to see what you did to prepare that I forgot to do that.  I am currently looking for an ASVAB (I take it like the one I took to get into the military? ???) test book.  I also was wonderin when I went to go get employed at our local DOE site we had to take a battery of tests, could this possibly be the same type of test ????  Just wonderin. 

No worries man. :D Thanks!

I'm not too sure but the mass/poss I took was also described as a battery of pre-employment tests.  I've never taken the ASVAB but I just got done going through some online examples and it does look like good practice.

So the "Knowledge Test" was this past Saturday.  I guess I did pretty well because I just came back from an interview. :) Now I have to wait about a month until I hear any news.. oh the agony of waiting.


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