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Laundry Man:
Don't forget, Mike was there when they pulled the rods on the sun ;).


--- Quote from: Marssim on Jan 12, 2009, 09:38 ---
pfffffft!,...was not,.... ;)

I worked for a dinosaur who pulled rods on the Sun for a long time,....or was that Greenland?!?!?!

Maybe both, I know he worked at SL-1 while it was all still in one piece,...

And being an Army guy he was not in awe of Navy nukes,...

But he was a great guy to work for, and I appear to be drifting off-topic, cyaltr!!!!

--- End quote ---

Those of us who went through ELT school in Idaho in the 70's or earlier had an instructor who was on the response team for SL-1. By the way your Army pal probably had Navy instructors from the S1W prototype just down the road, it was common practice in the early days.

Back on Topic, Tom you will never know until you try. Like the Navy the needs of the service/company frequently dictates policy.


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