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Hello there,

I am looking into starting a degree program and am not sure which I should begin. 

I have been in the Navy for 5.5 years, and will be getting out at the end of 2007.  I just transferred from a sub to a shore command, and I'm an ELT.  I would like to get into the same type of job that ELT's perform, i.e. handling dosimetry, RADCON coverage and the like.  I'm looking into Thomas Edison.  The two programs I'm thinking about are the Nuc engineering tech B.S., and the B.S. in Radiation Protection.  Would one hold more weight over the other?  Or does it not make a difference?  What is the best way to be more attractive to employers in this field?

Thank you for your input and I appreciate the help.

Roll Tide:
The Engineering Technology degree will hold more weight. It will allow you to move laterally from HP to OPS and qualify Shift Technical Advisor (STA). More options are good.

If it's the degree I think, the main difference is the requirement for Calculus and Physics based Calculus. An STA would need that anyway.

Excelsior (formerly Regents Degree program of the University of the State of New York) has a similar program. Excelsior and TESC are both accredited for the Engineering Technology Degree.

Sounds like you are starting early enough. Navy CAMPUS has good info. One more thing: don't enroll until ready to graduate. You will have to pay an additional year tuition for additional years to complete (even if the courses are through a different route!)


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