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--- Quote from: Sun Dog on Jul 01, 2010, 06:36 ---Getting closer.  However, total time of event to hazard mitigation, three months.

A slightly better scenario:

We were proactive and developed a dropped object prevention plan and implemented it site-wide.  The event never occurred.

But, we all know even the best plans will not prevent 100% of unwanted events from occurring.  So, we also were proactive and nurtured a workforce who took responsibility for their actions.  After the dropped object event (DOE) occurred and created a slip hazard, our thoughtful employee warned others in the immediate area, demarcated the area with caution ribbon and signs.  Yes, the ribbon and signs were located nearby in one of the many "Safety Supply Carts" we placed throughout the plant.  Our thoughtful employee then cleaned the result of his DOE (no pun intended).  Total time of event to hazard mitigation, thirty minutes.

--- End quote ---

The good news is...WE do have a 100% solution!

The bad new's currently tied up in the safety council.  We can't come to a resolution on which to ban on-site...Peanut Butter?  ...or Jelly?   ;)


How about any new safety issues sent as a text message to every employees cell phone. Get the new smart phones and survey maps can be sent that way. Then we get rid of any of us old guys who need glasses to see the tiny screen or are too challenged to get a smart phone.

At SRS we would have an immediate safety stand down for 48 hrs, full pb&j stoppage would occur,  we would discuss at length the dropped pb&j event,look industry wide(really all we need to do is go to nukeworker .com for a solution) for incidences involving pb&js, upper level management would come to our site and take full responsibility and assure us that all pb&j events are preventable. We would then go 20 million hrs without a lost pb&j event  and would receive coffee mugs. Worker pride would sky rocket.

Beercourt save us. Please.


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