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« on: Nov 12, 2010, 05:46 »
The thread “NPUA” has more than 22 pages and 600 posts. Many questions have been asked and hashed out amongst the forum users on multiple occassions. Those communities which the NPUA strives to represent, and other interested observers, are welcome to use this thread as an information exchange and a forum for debate. For those users and guests who are trying to sift through the volumes of posts for targeted questions and answers this FAQ thread has been started to capture those FAQ’s and additional FAQ’s as they develop.

Should your question not be represented in the FAQ’s, four alternatives may work out for you;

 -Use the “Search” function located at the upper right corner of any page in the “NPUA” thread (fairly quick).

  -Perform a “Ctrl F” search through the 20 or so individual pages of the NPUA thread (not so quick).

-PM Marssim here at for help (may be quick, may be not quick, he does step away from the computer from time to time).

-Ask your question in the “NPUA” thread, you may very well be the first to ask that question or ask it from a unique perspective and spark the other users and guests to think; hmmmmmm,…..

Q. Who is (are) the NPUA

From their own mission statement;
The Nuclear Professionals Union of America is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting social and economic justice for working people in the nuclear industry. It is our primary goal to further the self-determination of the Nuclear Professional, an individual who is responsible for producing positive results in a manner that is ethical and, which makes positive contributions to the advancement of the Nuclear Industry.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, the NPUA’s founder Kevin McLaughlin, developed a new approach in creating an organization to represent working professionals. The NPUA would create an alliance between the utilities and the working professionals that will benefit both equally. The NPUA is now widely recognized as the change that the industry has needed.

Building on that principle, the NPUA will provide highly trained, uniquely qualified, working professionals for the nuclear industry……….

Q. Does the NPUA website have an information or question and answer forum?

Yes. There is a “Public Forum-Questions” forum;

A chat room;

An e-mail contact option;

And a news forum;

There is also a Members Forum with greater depth of detail.

Q. Do I have to be member of the NPUA to work at any specific facility in the USA?

Not yet.

Q. If I sign an Authorization Card with the NPUA can I be denied work by a non-union company?


Q. What does the NPUA guarantee me if I sign an Authorization Card?

That they will negotiate for the best contract they can get for you.

Q. If I join the NPUA what wages and benefits will I realize?

The proposed and planned wages and benefits are detailed here;

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Post your questions, or read the discussion here:


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