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Turkey Point Operations shift schedule 8hrs. vs. 12 hrs.

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This post was created to start a discussion on whether or not it would be beneficial for the operations department to go on a 12 hour shift vice the 8 hours we work now. Another reason for this post is to discuss the different schedules available if it were decided that 12 hours is the better schedule to go with.

biloxoi blues:
It all depends on seniority and what you want.  The ops here is on a rotating shift (12 hours) with some full time days people.  The RP's here are on full time days or special crew.  The people on special crew are on backshift even though there are a few that hold day times slots ( one tech has held a dayshift slot for over two years and has not seen dayshift unlesss its training). The dayshift people have weekends off unless they volunteer for ot on weekends, while the special crew members are schedule to work at least one night of the weekend and sometimes are schedule to work both weekend nights (happen to one person for at least 4 straight months).  With the high price of fuel it would be cheaper on a rotating shift, cause of less days travel to and from work.  Also you have built in OT with 12 hours shifts.  Some RP techs are trying to become OPS just so they can get on the rotating shift.

Pros for 12 hour shift:
-   Built in overtime.
-   Twice as many days off compared to 8 hour shift
        o       Work half the month vs ¾ a month
        o       17 days off in a five week rotation vs. 9.5 days off.
        o       177 days off a year vs. 99 days (77 day difference)
        o       Less travel time per year = less gass money to work.
        o       More time with the family.

-   Gives us a 12 hour shift for outages
        o       This gives more money for outages
        o       Your 5th day worked is double OT on a three day week
        o       Your 6th day worked is double OT on a four day week.

-   More weekends off per month
-   More time with family, more time to have a life.
-   With the built in overtime and double time days during the outage we are talking about making thousands of dollars more per year in income while working roughly 77 days less that same year.

-   Fatigue rule has perks with 12 hour shifts, so minimum staffing and massive forcing for overtime would be prevented via fatigue rule.

Pros for 8 hour shift:
-   Have a few hours every work day for errands and/or rest.

Cons for 12 hour shift:
-   More work per day.

Cons for 8 hours shift:
-   With the schedule we have now in a 23 day work period we only have 3.5 days off.
         o       After requal and after that weekend, we work 6 days then have 2 off work 7 peaks and have 1.5 off and then work 7 mids. In that 23 day period only 3.5 are days off.

-   No double time days during outages
-   A lot less money per year.
-   A lot less days off to be with family or to have a life outside of work.
-   More travel time to work = more gas money and more potential to be in traffic accident.

Concerns with moving to 12 hour schedule are:
-   A sick day is 8 hours so if you call in sick you have 1.5 days written down. Management sits you down if you have 5 days of sick time in a rolling year 7 days is a write up of some sort.
-   If staffing levels get low being forced on your days off is detrimental to living conditions. Fatigue rule prevents this dilemma but the rules need to be stated to understand better, I will research this and post the 12 hour shift rules as it pertains to the Fatigue rule.
-   Sending people home after their straight time is up.

The biggest difference is that there is a lot more money made on 12hr shifts while also having a lot more days off a year.

Days off per year: ~177days vs. ~99days

More money per year:  Many double OT days in outage and more built in overtime on regular schdule. vs. no double OT days in outage and no built in overtime on 8 hour shifts.

Fatigue rules for 12 hour shifts:

- Can only work up to 16 hours in a 24 hour period
   or up to 72 hours in a 7 day period.
   or up to 26 hours in a 48 hour period.

- Must have average minimum days off of 2.5 days per week.
  and have at least 1 day off in a 9 day period.

- Must have at least 3 days off in each non-overlapping 15 day block.


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