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Author Topic: need some advise deciding which conveyerized monitor is the best....  (Read 2234 times)

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Offline ChrisNichols

     At work we are looking at ways to boost production and cut some cost. We are rolling clean aluminum sheets in a lightly du contaminated area. The contaminations levels we seen daily in the area on the floor are 100 to 2000 dpm/100cm^2 alpha and double to quadruple beta. We survey the sheets out through a plastic scinilator laundry monitor with a width of probally 3.5 ft. With the back ground in the auto-survey area of the plant we are able to survey the sheets at a rate of approximately 7-8 sheets per hour. We would like to cut survey time down to 16 - 22 sheets per hour. This means speeding the old monitor up to a MDA level that is not acceptable. We are throughing around the idea of reconfigureing an old eberline pcm2 to survey sheet metal

     Mainly what i would like to have is some input on conveyerized monitors that can process material at a faster rate. please specifly if you have had first hand experience with the monitor you are referenceing. I would also like to know some companys that have good machines avalible for purchase. I have looked at what canberra has offer as was as model from mirion and ludlum. idealy i think with a good gas flow proportional monitor we could get the eff low enough to crank them trough.

Thanks guys
 sorry to sound anal about it but there is alot of data on these and not many people with first hand experience with them.


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