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Can somebody answer me why the page here says:
"Free online     NRRPT  practice test
 The online practice tests are meant to assist people studying to take the NRRPT exam it provides a small database of questions similar in technical content to the actual exams. The questions are multiple choice with the correct answer given when wrong. "

But actually you have to pay in order to do practice tests?

Thank you.

The Practice tests were free in the past.  When we migrated servers, the software stopped working. We needed to raise some cash to pay the programmers to fix it.  Our options were no practice tests, or charge for them.

Dave Warren:
Has anyone taken and passed the CHP tests recently? Looking at DataChem Software and Colorado State and Dade Moeller for prep and of course the Nukeworker tests. Any help?

Colorado State prep stuff is always solid.

Mr. Forum Admin,

How many questions are in the NRRPT practice test data base that NukeWorker offers?



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