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This thread just got started on the old message board, I think it is very interesting.

As I stated on the other message, I like Eric Bartlett, he has always tried to give it to me straight.

Stephany Long will try to find a job for anyone, even if it isn't with her company, she just wants to help.

(That's about everyone I have dealt with.)

Remember, this is a love fest, not a hate fest.

Lisa Carter is my all time Favorite!  I used to call her up and talk to her for hours.  I just loved her accent.

--- Quote ---
one of the best I recall was Lisa Carter at ARC. She never really fit in with the ARC "good ol boy" philosophy.

--- End quote ---

Eric B. is the man!!! ;D
Judy used to be OK until she chose the dark side!!! :-[

Eric B. has ALWAYS done right by me so far. ;D  Judy on the other hand - well I can't use that language and still be a member here >:(  There are a few others in the office that use fuzzy logic to get what they want.

8)I know Eric Bartlett pretty well, I guess you can say I've known him pretty much my whole life.  He's bought me a few beers before, awful nice of him I'd say.  If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have this job.  Yeah there are times when he can get on your nerves and such but overall I found him to be a stand-up type of guy - hell ask my, i mean his mom she'll tell ya so.

;Dsorry - i couldn't resist ;D


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