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Author Topic: Got kicked out in a weird way now I'm being billed over 36,000.00  (Read 4937 times)

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In October of last year I was put on that 6 month medical period for sailors to get better but my boat just kicked me to the OCAB and in February I was Kicked out for too many PRT failures but I never finished treatment for depression or got to go get checked out for my other issues I was having. Now I have a bill for 36,000.00 the Navy wants me to pay right away (which I don't have) My dental work wasn't finished, I still have those other issues, and still see a therapist for Depression.  I find hard to move on knowing that they can take as much as they want from my paycheck until it's paid. Maybe I should try to get my separation code changed since so many medical things were going on with me to a medical discharge but mostly I just want that debt to go away so I can move on with my life with my family not worrying that all of a sudden someone decides that they want more from me I can't make bill's that month. I'm also having trouble getting a home loan because of this.

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Got kicked out in a weird way now I'm being billed over 36,000.00

so, are you communicating that when you were separated that it was you that was in a weird way or that the process was the weird way?

...................I'm also having trouble getting a home loan because of this.

trouble getting a home loan because of this?,...

.....too many PRT failures.....

or this?,...

.......My dental work wasn't finished.....

or this?,...


just because there is so much to choose from it is hard to formulate a plan of action,....

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Have you consulted with an attorney as to what legal options you might have?


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Based on previous experience, I'm going to guess that the $36000 "bill" is actually a recoupment of SRB payment(s).

Each contract contains language that spells out that your any/all of your paid bonus may be recouped if you fail to fulfill the terms of the contract, i.e. maintain yourself within the fitness standards, get de-nuked for poor performance or drugs, etc..  IF you are discharged due to medical problems, that historically would not have triggered the recoupment process, unless the medical condition was in some way self-inflicted or self-created.

Additionally, if you were being treated for depression, previous policy made this a disqualifying condition for service in the Nuclear field.  Things may have changed in the 3 1/2 years since I retired, but I'm sorta skeptical of that.

I'm also going to point out the obvious; there is FAR more to this scenario than what the OP has told us or ever will tell us.

Offline MMM

It sounds like you were kicked out for failing PFAs. It's not that weird, unless you had a waiver that linked the depression to the PFA failures you're SOL.

You might want to talk to the VA, as the depression might be covered, as it was diagnosed in the navy, so treatment might be covered.


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