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David Johnston aka HydroDave63

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I'm going to miss Uncle Dave with his scandanavian square head and witty banter.   

   I am still in shock today, like others posting here I never met Dave but with all the interaction on Nukeworker his character and wit was very evident. Not only did he have the highest Karma on the site but he was the most smited saying a lot about him. Never having met him I still have a sense of loss greater than I expected from someone I only knew on the internet. Tedders I cannot imagine the loss you feel people of character fill lives more than anyone else and character and "a character" is how I knew him across this cybersphere.

I didn't know him, but I wish I had. His points of view were always entertaining and often enlightening. I've taken advice he offered.

I am so sorry for your loss, and ours, too.

Although I've never met Dave in real life, he's always been a great friend and confidant here at NW. I am devastated by this news.

My condolences.

RIP Dave!


Smart People:
I always enjoyed our interactions here on Nukeworker and I do think we worked the same outage once or twice but I don't remember where.

Your husband was much loved on this site.
Dave will definitely be missed.



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