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How will a summary court martial me after the navy? I graduated prototype in 2010, qualified chief reactor watch, and was a WCS. I was found guilty at a summary court martial for assault with a weapon at about my 5 year mark. I lost the NEC but was not reduced in rank, and am still in the navy 2 years later, now with a cryo tech NEC. Getting out next year, how will this affect me? I don't believe it is an actual felony conviction. Any insight appreciated.

Frank Cable:
Let's hear the story man. Elaborate.

I'm pretty sure that's a felony conviction.

What I read on the internet seems to indicate it depends on the maximum sentence possible allowed for the charge (>1 year).  That being said I think every time there is a chance an "entity" needs to make a decision on whether it is a felony or probably depends on how they decide to interpret it.  I'd say yes but maybe not.  I would brace for it being interpreted as one.

So I'm standing CRW for an NRAP drill. I'm in CG upper lever when this girl tells me that someone had been forceful with her the night before. I'm thinking "ah hell, that's a sexual assault." The guy is in lower level, I make a few threats and nick him with a knife as I'm talking. I was waving my hands, that part was actually accidental. Time goes by and I got to summary court martial while underway, my judge was a medical O4 onboard. 60 days restriction and 2/3 pay for one month. Jail time is only given for E4 and below. So I had re-enlisted as a nuke, still serving out that contract. A few months after the court martial is when I found out I was getting my nec removed and I had to pay back $40,000 which I finished this month. $1600 a month out of my pay. All this happens, I get orders to O2N2 school, and I'm on another ship.


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