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Hello, I'm a surface MM3 looking for advice on whether to stay in or get out.  I'm currently in my 2 year extension qualified SIR, 3M through WCS,  All QA except QAS and I don't have the NEC for Planner. I've been doing some research and a lot of what I'm finding is that without a degree and PPWS finding a decent paying job post Navy isn't as easy as I originally believed . If I re-enlist there is a good chance I can get PPWS before I'd transfer to shore  and finish up my bachelors on shore duty.  Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

yeah well, the NNPP cache is not what it used to be,...

stay in, finish the degree, the nukes are shutting down all over the place, there has not been a new construction start up in about two decades,...

there is little practical sense in CIVLANT or CIVPAC for qualifying PPWS IF you do not actually stand the watch for at least 2 years,...

the Navy may admire the personal intiative, the civilians want to see the proficiency,...

you might want a few more options once you do EAOS,...

oh yeah, save as much coin as you can, and try to have as little debt as possible when you do EAOS,...

E4 over 4 years of service....

If you were going to stay in you should have reenlisted 2 years ago. 



yew mite try contacting major nuclear vendors two sea there interest inn yore employment fore startup of the knew generation plants witch are bean built.

I'd say reenlist, at least then you can get out from shore duty, so you have less stress trying to find a job than if you're underway. Also, finish the degree, it's not necessarily a huge deal, but it sets you a little apart. If you plan on going into commercial nuclear, to qualify for direct RO/SRO you will have to stand PPWS for 2 years, so you won't meet that unless you go to NPTU and qualify there as well  (I'm not saying don't qualify if you have the option).

As far as new nuclear plants go, TVA just started a new one, Vogtle has two being built then I think there's another one planned in SC (VC Summer I think) when they're done. The down side is at least 6 are closing or looking at closing in the next few years, so younger operators may just move to the new plants.


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