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Getting out after prototype with 3 years in, any advice?

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You can check with almost any kind of utility company (gas, hydro, transmission). You don't mention where you live but electric utilities are everywhere. is a master search engine for jobs. I entered "Electric Utility" and it came back with over 63,000 hits. You would need to refine your search. Here is the link


--- Quote from: MarkBond on Oct 13, 2016, 08:25 ---I'll definitely look into that, thanks. Does what I've learned over the past 3 years about being an electrician apply to the civilian world at all or is there some classes or anything I need to take? I don't have any type of degree, just the nuke pipeline

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You basically have two options. Go to school or go to work. If you have some reason for not going to college, be it financial or personal, joining the electrical union (IBEW) is an option. What you have learned over the past 3 years may help to some degree. Typically you would take a competency exam for evaluation. They will place you in the apprenticeship program. They will teach you the trade. Typically you will go to class one day every two weeks or some schedule similar to that. While working as an apprentice, you are restricted a little as who you work for and where. Your pretty much just go wherever the hall sends you. At the end of your 5 year apprenticeship you will be "turned out" as a journeyman with formal schooling in the trade as well as on the job experience. If you want to be an electrician, this is the route I would recommend. You won't be limited to one industry. You could work residential, commercial, industrial, power, etc.

I would be sending out resumes and trying to make contacts, but while doing that investigate school options.  Great time to use your GI Bill.  If you can interview well or know somebody, that can be a huge difference maker when landing a job. If you go to school, try to take chemistry as soon as possible and other classes with labs.  If you get a job while going to school it will be easier to complete your degree later if you have classes with labs done.

That you Bond? Remember a guy named Panczyk at all? Small world this is. Shame we won't see you in the fleet. Go to school and live it up, you're not missing much.


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