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Is transitioning to Shipyard RCT selling myself short?

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I'm currently transitioning to an RCT billet in Bangor, WA. By the time I get out, I will have my supervisor NEC (MMN1(SS) (ELT)), RCT qualification, and (hopefully) my Bachelor's degree in Nuclear science through Excelsior. I'm contemplating becoming a civilian RCT. Is there anyone here that was in a similar situation? If so, did civilian RCT work pan out for you?

Thank you.

   Getting a job like that will give you a foot in the door where you can see what else is available and move up in that yard or elsewhere. My experience is a little dated so hopefully someone with more current experience will answer. Is there a reason you are focusing on RCT? RCT "been berry berry good to me" but it was just the starter, read through a lot of the Navy Getting out posts that will help. Good luck.

Mostly my reasoning is I like the Washington area, and I believe its a nice place to raise my kids. In the magical world where reactors leak unicorns and winning lottery tickets, I would like to work at PSNS as an instructor so I can provide more help with my kids at home. I was stationed on an SSBN home ported in Bangor, and all the shenanigans I had to go through for a DMD as well as all the oversight I did as an ELT during sea duty makes RCT seem like a good fit. Not to mention that I will have an RCT and possibly an SRCT qual by the time I get out if I play my cards right.


--- Quote from: KillerK0balt on Feb 19, 2018, 04:25 ---Mostly my reasoning is I like the Washington area, and I believe its a nice place to raise my kids.

--- End quote ---

That's a good reason.

It's an easy transition.

you will be stuck in the world of "equivalent Co60" for most of your time in the shipyard unless you transition into something else beyond NAVSHIPS 389-0288 Article 108 or Lab RC 0288 Article 108,....


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