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First thank you for the wealth of information found on these boards.

I recently applied and tested for PG&E. I have passed the testing portion and am now waiting to hear if I will get an interview. My question is would this be a good place to start a career as an NLO with hopes of becoming an SRO? My plan was to work until the plant closes and apply elsewhere to join an SRO license class. Given the PG&E bankruptcy and the plant closing in 2024, will I be setting myself up for future failure? Is it best to try to get on somewhere else that won't be closing in 4 years?

Also does anyone currently working there have any insight to the general morale at the plant and contract negotiations?

I don't work there, but with the plant closing in 4 years, you're probably not going to be there long enough to get to license class. After you leave, you'll be starting at a new plant in a different area, most likely as an NLO again. Unless you have an overwhelming desire to live in CA, you're probably better off looking somewhere else. That being said, if you live in the area, just want to get the experience, and don't mind qualifying as an NLO a second time, having experience qualifying as an NLO will probably make the move to a new plant easier, and the time might qualify you for Direct SRO elsewhere (emphasis on might).

Hi MMM, thank you for your reply. I agree with what you said, but being as I'm not in the industry why would it be more likely to be an NLO a second time instead of going direct SRO or RO? I may be naive but is that not very plausible? I know there will be tough competition in the applicant pool. Assuming I meet the qualifications to apply for a direct SRO or RO slot, what additional barriers will I face, or what is your thinking on that?

Note: I realize it may seem like I'm putting the cart before the horse, but I what to find out the holes in my thinking since this plant will be closing in the near future and I need to plan accordingly. 

There are specific requirements to become an RO and SRO. With no experience you start at NLO. To become an SRO you need to have nuclear plant supervisory experience, specifically you have to have been responsible for directly controlling reactor power, at a commercial plant, that means RO. To become an RO, you have to have a few years of plant operations, I think two, but don't quote me on that. Once the requirements are met, you go through the two year license class. The specifics are in ACAD 10-001, although that might be a little out of date.
Basically, even if you fully qualify as an NLO at Diablo Canyon, they probably won't have a license class for you to go to. When you go to the next plant, you probably won't meet the requirements for direct RO (if they even allow them), so you'd start over as an NLO, although you might be fast tracked through quals due to previous experience.

Candidates must meet both of the following qualifications for Reactor Operator Eligibility, as outlined in INPO ACAD 10-001, Figure 2-1.

Qualification 1 - At least 36 months of power plant experience. This qualification can be met through a combination of commercial and navy power plant experience as well as education.
Commercial power plant experience at either a fossil or nuclear plant
Up to 9 months (of the 36 months) may be met with an Associate of Science Degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or related science
Up to 18 months (of the 36 months) may be met with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or related science, or a professional engineering license
Navy nuclear experience (Experience will be credited in accordance to ACAD10-001)


Qualification 2 - Candidate must meet ONE of the following:

At least 12 months performing plant operational duties as a nonlicensed operator at a comparable (BWR/PWR) facility (qualified for all power block and safety systems operational duties)


At least 6 months performing plant operational duties as an ACTIVE licensed reactor operator (per 10 CFR 55.53(e)) at a comparable (BWR/PWR) facility


At least 24 months in position equivalent to the reactor operator position at a military reactor (qualified to manipulate or direct the manipulation of control rods)
Reactor Operator
Engineering Officer of the Watch / Propulsion Plant Watch Officer
Engineering Watch Supervisor / Propulsion Plant Watch Supervisor


At least 6 months performing plant operational duties as a nonlicensed operator on site (qualified for all power block and safety systems operational duties)


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