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Working and living at the Barakah power station UAE

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YOUCH! Just had a recruiter offer me $16 per hour (straight AND OT hours same rate) and no per diem! :(

On the plus side, you 'get' to live in a C-van...and eat cafeteria food!    ;)

What's the secret to obtaining a decent job offer from a recruiter?   (Esp. a Barakah recruiter, but...ANY advice appreciated)

Looks like I am headed that way for their fall outage. Any advice from anyone who has been?

Guess the outage is basically all of October? They have me scheduled to start mid-September...and fly back home mid-November...

Heard there was a hiccup with first staff date? Group is in-country, but being told not to report to Barakah  for a week? So just sitting in hotel?


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