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Joining for education and personal growth, good idea?

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I hope he joined.
Thought plenty about it -  and if truth be told, I'd never have gotten where I've been any other way.
I didn't become educated, I was trained and qualified.
Based on my 45 years in the industry - educated people often didn't do my job.
Personal growth. My Dad a Korean War veteran said - "it will mean a lot more to you when you're older".
It's a small club. The veteran community in the US is only 19M of 335m Americans. 6% or so.
Navy Nuclear Power is but a small fraction of that.
At my earnings peak, I made a ton of money It made me feel tired.
The years I spent at poverty level in the Navy - I'm proud of at age 65. Dad was right. Dads are always right.


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