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Whew! I got an interview with Bechtel Bettis for a health physics position. Any tips, suggestions, or comments?

I've been filling out the application and security clearance paperwork.  Whoa, what a nightmare!   ;) Especially listing all of my activities since high school.  It took me an hour or so last night to remember my summer job after I graduated high school and that was only 11 years ago!

this will be for a radcont tech position.  similar to hp but not quite the same.  this is a doe/dod facility, so the paperwork you submit will be used for a q clearance.  bettis in the past has required the contract techs to take the site test, which is actually a test to become naval shipyards qualified as radcon, article 108.  usually the contract companies have required techs to take the article 107 1st, the "deconners" test.  that place runs on tests, paperwork, meetings, and other such activity.  hava good.


--- Quote from: Marssim on Mar 19, 2005, 09:15 ---This new learning amazes me, Sir Slogo. Explain again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes,.... :P and karma,..heheheheh

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1) inflate sheeps bladder  2) wrap around earth  3)ignore gases emitting while quake passes unnoticed 4) repeat as needed.

Jen56...did you get the info you desired? Not sure what you were looking for but if you have some specific questions I would be glad to try and answer them. Slo, gave you some insight to what type of quals they are looking for if you understand the lingo...do you? If not ask and we can provide some more in depth answers. As far as the security questions (Q clearance) do NOT try to hide anything from them, be honest about your past, whatever it may be. Usually with article 108 quals there is a written and oral board before final qualification as an RCT. Good Luck! ;)

Actually, I should have put health physicist in my original post.  (the job posting includes performing bioassays and researching previous exposure histories, so I'm pretty sure it's not a deconner position)

Thanks for the heads up on the Q clearance.  I had originally filled out my paperwork only back 7 years, but for Q clearance I needed to go back 10, so I did that.

I guess I was wondering if anyone had any experience interviewing with bechtel bettis and what I can expect?  and is it a good sign that they are having me fill out all of this paperwork before the interview? 

Thanks again!


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