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I'm a 10 year ET1 (hopefully ETC soon) getting out next April.  I have the BSAT from TEU and will have my MBA from Charleston Southern shortly after getting out.  I am qualified EWS and Master Training Specialist.  I've been a Training Coordinator for the last few years at NPTU Charleston.  I've gotten a lot of "send me your resume or call me when your 3 months from getting out" from people in my classes.  From what they tell me, I'm looking at around $50K for a non-nuke job in Charleston.  I'd really like to make more, but I’m not crazy about shift work.  I really need to stay in the Southeast: Mcguire or Oconee would be ideal.  I've read on this site that “instant SRO” or management may be options.  Can you guys give me some guidance?
Thanks!   :)

Keep checking those plant company websites for openings.  Non Licence Operator is also a start into the company as well as I&C technician (ET), mechanical maint (MM) or Electrical (EM).  If you are interested in training, it is also another option although I found (I came from NPTU NY, with TC quals, MTS) that training at nuclear plants want previous RO or SRO licence/Cert.  The shift work isn't as bad as NPTU.  Some plants are doing 12 hour shifts, 3 on, 4 off, 4 on, 3 off type rotation. $50k is about $25/hr, so it isn't a bad wage (NLO are ~$30/hr).  Remember that it is based on a 40 hour week so if you are given the opportunity to work more and paid for such (Salary Non-Exempt, Collective Bargaining Agreement) you could make more. 

Nuclear plants usually hire in cycles.  So imagine that every 18 months or so they post a job announcement, conduct interviews 1-2 months later and then start a class 1-2 months after the interview.    So getting an early start is better.  It is also wise to have money saved and bills paid just in case you get out in April and your dream job doesn't start until June. (Unemployment is also an option to help)  Having some leave available also, some have started a new job while still in the Navy on Leave or terminal leave.

Good Luck on your search for a new career and feel free to ask any questions that you have.  Most of us here have been in your same situation.

Thanks for the information Shayne.
Does having an MBA matter in the Nuclear Industry?  Is management an option, or are they only promoted from within?  Does anyone know if Duke's plants are non-exempt?

Ordinary Joe:
Those aren't bad credentials.  The industry is facing a looming manpower shortage and companies are looking for people for all levels.  In my opinion, meeting somone who knows someone is of significant importance.  I have a TESC degree and an MBA as well.  It has payed off well in the industry.  I would recommend looking into the industry for a managemement position (SRO isnt out of the question).  Let me know if you'd like any more specifcs.

Thanks for the input.  I'll take all the information I can get.  I have a lot of questions.  I've heard that managers work more hours for less money than your average operator.  Is this true?  Is it true that you can receive GI bill benefits for OJT?  Do most plants have 401K plans?  If so, do they match contributions?


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