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This thread was intended for an intro. A ten page thread is difficult to navigate between question and answer and if you follow other long threads the original topic is frequantly lost. Long threads seem to work well for current event threads like SloGlo's news but I believe that a reference style topic needs more structure.

"That's just my opinion I could be wrong".......Dennis Miller

 ;) Correct..... the Crusader carried a 1000 kilowatt reactor weighing 35000 pounds.  The propulsion design contract was given to GE.  Convair was in charge of the flight project.
The crew was housed inside a lead and rubber cockpit.  Separating the crew from the reactor was a 4 ton lead disc.  Observation of the reactor was via video.
The XB-36H Crusader made her maiden voyage on 09/17/55, before the Air Force pulled the plug, 47 flights were completed.  All with the reactor operating.
Initial tests were to monitor the affects of radiation on instruments, frame structure etc.


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