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I got an email today from a little "birdie" that the state of SC has intorduced legislation to consider taking out of compact waste after July 2008.  Would anyone else care to comment or "gossip" with me?  Since I posted the original question alot has changed, especially now that Energy Solutions owns both the SC and UT sites.  I am hoping something fortuante will happen to out of compact waste generators. 

BTW the email provided a link

Dave Warren:
I think if you look at all the activity by Energy Solutions, one could assume that all the long-term waste disposition, is going to fall into their lap.

They were awarded all of the GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Partnership) contracts.

When you talk about spent fuel, radioactive waste, etc., we will get used to hearing Energy Solutions in conjunction with those.

Take at look at their website, and see how they have acquired all these different companies, and been awarded all these different contracts. You will probably agree that South Carolina, Idaho, Washington, Tennessee, New mexico, and Texas will be ruled by E.S.

I would be more inclined to believe that Barnwell would stay open and E.S. would just upgrade the facility. Then again, they may get rid of it and consolidate in another state already set up to accommodate the waste.

Camella Black:
Hey from Snelling, SC home of the famed burial ground that so many people are seeming to talk about, again. The bill in question is not whether to keep the site open , but whether to accept waste from outside the compact.

Here's a link so you can read some more:

Mike McFarlin:
SC needs Barnwell to stay open but is trying to regulate where the waste comes from because they (SC) generate so much.

This is all SC BS. They keep saying they are going to cut every one off and then at the last minute they give in and say OK but it's going to cost you more. SC makes BIG buck off of Chem Nuc. Great way to charge more and look good doing it. 8)


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