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2 months until out of the Navy...looking for some advice.

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I am fairly sure this is a routine thread.  I am surprised there isn't a template already generated.  Anyhow, I am getting out of the Navy after 13 years of nuclear submarine service.  Sounds like I am crazy for leaving after being in for so long, but I am ready to be a full time father for a change.  I am an E-6, mechanic, qualified EWS/EDPO.  I have heavy backgrounds in QA, planning and training.  I am open to all suggestions and advice.  I realize that it is a very different world within the realm of civilian nuclear power.  I am looking for insight and possible contacts for employment.  I am open to pretty much working anywhere.  I have applied for a few positions at Kewaunee Power Station and Point Beach Nuclear Plant, both of which are in Wisconsin.  My brother actually works at Kewaunee as a trainer, and I have been pumping him pretty hard for some contacts too.  I would really appreciate any assistance in helping me get the ball rolling on my transition.  Thank you for your time.

There is a ton of info out there about resumes, job interviews, companies, etc., etc. Here is one small piece of advice... up until the time they offer you the job (this means, during the interview), act like you definitely want the job. If you get to the interview and you already **think** it's not ideal for you, don't let it show. Keep a positive attitude until they call you back. Then make your decision, once the job has definitely been offerred.

I learned this from personal experience.

Thanks for the advice.  I have put together a few resumes and have found many links too.  I have actually applied for a few jobs as well.  No one has called me back yet though.  I have spoken with one of the Exelon recruiters, and he seemed pretty interested.  He is expecting me to get a hold of him when I am closer to my out date.  The clock is ticking and I am ready to punch out.

Google Exelon, Entergy and Florida Power and Light.  They are all currently hiring Non-Licensed Operators as well as SRO's.

Non-Licensed Operator = Non Degreed Ex-Navy. ~70-90k/year once qualified

SRO = Degreed Ex-Navy (Officer or Enlisted). ~ 110-130k/year once qualified

Dominion is also hiring at the Mineral VA plant.


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