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5 years and they use personal interviews with friends, equifax info and rank you on your FICA number.. so you have lots of room there.  If you had problems as an adult, busted by the po po, tell them. dont worry about stuff when you were a kid. part of the process is full disclosure on your forms.. i told them i was arrested as a spy in nigeria one time.. which i was.. didnt even slow down the process and i got badged.

So youre saying I'll be interviewed before they even do a search? Otherwise, how do I disclose it to them beforehand? Do I just warn them when they say theyre beginning the search or will there be an interview?

if they decide to make you an offer, and you accept, they will do the background. These things cost money, so they don't do them unless there is a reason. Nothing you have told us so far will so much as raise an eyebrow. The important thing will be to be 120% honest with them.

its all in the paperwork tommybenson

the people interviewing you won't be the same people that do the background. They will probably mention at the interview that there will be a background and may ask if there is anything that may effect your ability to get a clearance. Be honest.


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