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SGPO Questions, Do I even have a chance?

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     Hi all.  This is my first time posting so if I ask questions already answered, just tell me.  There looks to be lots of information here and I'm sure I haven't touched the tip of it.
     To get to my question, I have applied for the SGPO position posted by TVA.  I have also received notification of my testing date.  My guess is there are probably lots of people who are set to take the test as well.  I received my degree in CS, minor in math, in December 05.  My whole time thru college I worked full time during the day in a manual labor job in a shop environment(not power related).  After graduating my wife and I moved from NE Alabama to Southern California as she is a travel nurse.  We are now making plans to get back home and the SGPO job was very appealing.  I am working in CS right now with no worries, but realize I feel more at home with a hands-on type job.  The SGPO seemed like possibly a good chance to combine my work background with a degree and make a career out of it.  Am I stretching to make this??  I realize that engineering degrees are preferred and that alone may kick me out of it (I really hope not!) we'll just have to wait and see.  I just wanted to get a feel from some people in the industry.  Any comments, suggestions, or questions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

You can get an SGPO position without having any kind of degree at all.
Also having a degree helps get an interview, but after that is meaningless so far as SGPO selection.

Good Luck!


Roll Tide:
Which TVA site did you apply?

Make sure you prepare for the test. This thread may be helpful:,5224.0.html

This board is dedicated to hiring in facilities covered by the NRC:,45.0.html

By the way, I am from NE AL; would you like to be more specific about your hometown?

Roll Tide:
To answer the question, "Do you have a shot" because you have been working in CS....

I am currently a SGPO. In my class are one former Dell Help Desk CS major, one former funeral director, one former Home Depot stocker, one former journeyman electrician, one former Tecumseh engines process engineer, etc.

What brought these people into TVA as SGPO was not their specific degrees. It was the attitude they displayed in their interviews. You have to pass the POSS to get an interview. You absolutely have a shot!

     Thanks for the info. !!  I feel such a relief now.  I was really afraid I might be on the outer edge looking in for this job, but this is good news. 

Roll Tide,
     I will definitely take a look at those threads and get all the information I can out of them.  I went online and looked at the practice tests that TVA recommends and feel very good about those. 
      In regards to my hometown, I graduated from Sylvania in 97 and moved and worked in S'boro while going to Northeast.  After there I transferred to UAH.  Around 2004 I moved to Henagar when I got married.  I read earlier last night in one of your posts about the ride down 40 and seeing the towers and the tennessee river.  It is definitely a sight to be able to see on an everyday drive.  I can also say my wife and I have said the Bellefonte plant would really be good for the future if things were to work out that way.  I look forward to talking more in the future
     Thanks to both of you for the information.  I may be asking a few more questions as this process goes along.  Anything I can do to get a leg up on the field!

Edit:   Roll Tide, I applied to the Browns Ferry site.


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