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Please reply to this topic if you have (or know who has) a contract at this facility.  If you (they) have multiple contracts (i.e. QC & NDE) please mention all of them.  Also, please remember to post company contact information, including but not limited to company phone number, email and web site address.  Also, if there is a specific person at the company people should ask for, you should mention their name and extension. We maintain a chart of contracts, the information posted here will be added to the contract chart.
This includes any information on Local Unions!
Chart: http://www.nukeworker.com/jobs/contract_lists

Don't forget to vote.  Keep your comments civil.

The best thing about this site was the training.  The would take someone off the street and run them through NAVSHIPS Articles 107 & 108 if that is what it took to get contract HPs on the site.  The bad thing about this place was the pace.  Work speed was inverse of any place I had ever been  before.  I realize that alot of the attitude was due to the fact that this is a research facility, but still!  My metabolism dropped a couple of hundred points during my stay.

Bettis is where I got started in the biz.  It was slow paced back then too.  


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