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I worked River Bendyouover, on refuel #4, i have to say in fairness they were owned by Gulf States Utilities at that time. It was a normal refuel, it took 7 months, and it sucked. That is the only plant that i have said i would never work again and i haven't. That part of Lousiana was great but the plant was a nightmare. There were so many accidents that we use to bet on what time the Ambulance was going to show up. The horror stories i could tell you about that place.Remo

So what's the skinny with River Bend? Anyone been there recently?  I am considering a job there and hoped for some info... Thanks...

Started there. It was a good place to learn.

....worked a short maintenance outage in February..house techs were very accomodating (spelling?)...they treated us like rent-a-techs should be treated,,,they cooked every nightshift and included us,,,the site contact was a great guy, he kept 4-5 people after the outage, and the techs that needed to leave early he let go,,Lane Johnson ( son of the late /great Dave Johnson) an old school renta tech,,,took care of the nightshift...I dont usually have much to say about a plant...but this one was good in february 2006, may not be now, but was then......... the Wayne and Ed show is over, they also trashed the Ferry, back in 85' before they left to go to Riverbend

Keep meaning to go back.... just have not made room in the schedule yet.  Gotta agree with ya Shovelhead about how they treat the renties.... made me fell right at home and welcome, and it was my first outage - period.


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