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Author Topic: Would anyone be willing to discuss a security clearance issue via PM?  (Read 10354 times)

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Hello all and thank you for allowing me to make my first post.  What an excellent industry resource your forum is.

I have never worked in the nuclear industry, nor did I ever think I would ever even be considered for work in this field.  But yesterday I was offered a position in a civilian plant, where I would be using my work experience in a civilian trade that has crossover applications.

I was very pleased to receive the offer, it has arrived in way that could truly be a blessing to my family and my work life.  Bluntly, however, I believe that I may have significant issues with the Unescorted Access authorization.

I have read virtually every thread on this forum that even remotely pertains to the issue, have read the CFR sections that I think might pertain, and have calls in to the corporate FDD/Access folks to see if I can visit with them about my unique situation.

I hesitate to run out the details on the internet, sorry I guess I'm just too old.  I would truly hate to embarass the manager who has extended the offer or myself for that matter, by proceeding to the security clearance check and then finding out that I cannot be extended a badge.

Are there any folks who actively work with issue who would be willing to discuss how their companies approach this issue?  For example are there conditional authorizations?  Are there positions within the trade/plant that the authorization is modified or restricted?

I'm sure it's just my excitement at the possibilities, but I haven't been in this situation before, haven't switched jobs in 20 years and would appreciate a chance to kick it around with an 'old pro'.

Best regards all.

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you need to post some generic information that can be used to figure out what the sitaution might be.  Then once someone express an opinion about the generic facts then you can "talk" to them via PM and it will be perfectly priviate (more or less, rember you still have the anonymity of your name and keep the company name generic and all will be ok)

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Thanks for the reply Rob.

Bluntly I guess, can three misdeamonors, from 1991 to 2003 along with atrocious credit be overcome on the security check.

Two of the charges are alcohol related, the other not.  Two were deferred and ultimately expunged, but I am aware of the need to disclose them.

The credit situation came out of my resistance to the idea of bankruptcy. I have instead opted to pay off all of my old debts, albeit very slowly.  The irony is that our credit history is now worse than ever, but we are actually the closest we have ever been to being debt free.  In fact this job could potentially clear our debt in as little as 6 months.

Since 2003, my life has been restored - I truly have been blessed.  I have a wonderful relationship with my wife and family again, I am now actively self employed and while I still have liens and judgements, I continue to pay my bills as diligently as possible while providing what is necessary for all of us.

I have never used illicit drugs and have not consumed alcohol in 2 years.

I am open minded about the wreckage of my past.  It is what it is and was the path that I walked.  I am open minded that my past may limit where I can step in the future.

The position that I have found is wonderfully suited to my experience and my interests and would truly be of benefit to our family.  I would like to proceed.  But I also very much admired the manager who extended me the offer and would not like to embarass him. 

If three criminal charges and poor credit can be overcome, how would it be done?  What are the key factors?

How would a corporate  security person typically approach this?  Once it appears on paper is that it?  Or are there cases where authorization is issued conditionally?  Where a new person is more closely monitored?  Where demonstrated progress on credit issues and continued abstinence can be documented can UA clearance be obtained?

Or do I need to withdraw and move on?

Thanks all.


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          With what you have listed you should be able to obtain UA.
    I have known many workers that have had far worse issues(i.e. felonies FFD's and so on) and still obtained UA...
        The most important factor is being honest about everything... Do not omit any information that has been recorded in your past.
      Hope this helps... ???


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nuke plant should be no problem. don't count on DOE or DOD.  As long as you don't have any pending issues.

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Believe it or not, the credit issues could pose more of a problem than the misdemeanors. As has been said often on this site, be open and honest and most of these issues can be overcome. Explanations are acccepted and can go a long way.

Good luck. And welcome to
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Believe it or not, the credit issues could pose more of a problem than the misdemeanors. As has been said often on this site, be open and honest and most of these issues can be overcome. Explanations are acccepted and can go a long way.

Good luck. And welcome to

Thanks for the welcome.

The honest approach goes without saying.  It wouldn't make much sense to get an ideal job, then be looking over your shoulder all the time.

How do most of the corporate screenings work?  After you return the paperwork, do the access folks come back and query you about the 'black marks'?  Or are you better off trying to include a cover letter with your explanation of the items?

Is getting badged for an inhouse position any more difficult than that of a contractor postion?

Alpha and Dillie  thanks for the encouragement. 

Anyone else have comments?  I'll take the bad as well as I'm trying to stay real while I stay optimistic.

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About that honesty thing... It is unlikely that you need to discuss it in your interview or in your resume. It will have to come up on your security clearance application. At many plants, that is after they have already offered you the job. Getting the security clearance is kind of like getting the medical clearance: the people conducting the interviews for the job assume everyone will pass.

Make sure you have a little black book where you have documented everything you mentioned here. It wouldn't be a bad idea to check your own police report to see if there is anything else you should list.

Omitted items are the big red danger flag for security at commercial nukes. A former co-worker lost his job because of a discrepancy over how he left a previous employer. (If they said "You're fired!", and you replied, "No, I quit" you had best mention that exact detail.) A discrepancy either way over whether you quit or were fired can be deemed important.

Regarding your credit report: I assume you accept the accuracy of the report; I believe you can still have a statement put in your credit report explaining the situation. This is not a requirement, but a possibility.
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