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I was getting $559/week last year.

Wrong answer Starkist.  PA goes back to the last five quarters.  The highest quarter is paid from the state you were working in at the time.  I was a resident of AZ for the first six months last year.  I didn't work in AZ, didn't owe taxes, didn't pay taxes, and would not expect any unemployment from them, since I drew no wages from that state.  If you have not worked in PA in the last 2 years you can't draw unemployment.  Stop beating a dead horse.

I'm not trying to give CPR to a dead horse, :-> but if you worked in AZ for seven years, then moved back to PA and worked there for a time before being laid off.  How long a time would one have to work in PA in order to open a claim with PA benefits paid? [decon]

Two questions.  I heard PA unenjoyment office was getting really jerky about things in general after you get your claim approved and try to get your money, especially out of state?  Can anyone attest to this recently? 

And...How is NJ about unemployment?  Seems every state has a quirkyness about things, I'd rather not file in a state just because it is a little more money when I have a state that pays almost as much and it is much easier to deal with. 

Thanks, I need recent (last 2 years) real world experience in either NJ or PA.

NJ over $600 per/week. Hard to reach them on the phone but once you do they will set up a time for case worker to call you to verify places, times etc. DO NOT MISS THIS CALL !!! Once you are set up, your'e golden with a bi-weekly call in/online claim. DO NOT TAKE THE CREDIT CARD OPTION. Fill in the direct deposit info online and tell the case worker this is what you want to do.


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