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IP2 is what it is. They have a confrontational style of management founded on the belief that the other guy is always out to get you. A self fullfiing prophecy. They often made the other guy want to get them just because of the treatment they got. The people there adapt to that mentality. A new person coming to IP2 for the first time would often get ignored to insulted until the people got to know them. And then rude was the style of personal interaction. Once you got used to it, it was tolerable. I have to admit that I have not been back since '93. A combination of bad behavior, bad traffic, long commutes, ghetto living conditions, high cost of living, and inadequate per diem leaves this place as a low choice. Not all the new Jrs of the 80s vintage were whiners. They all adapted to their environment in their own way.

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I almost went Greenpeace No-Nukes here.


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